- Personal Bridal Shower
- Bachelorette party
- Anniversary
- Birthday Party

A unique way to celebrate a special occasionů


Hosting a Sensuously Yours and Mine party allows the guest of honor to select her own gift(s) from you and your guests! A per person donation is set forth by the Hostess (you) which is then converted into a Gift Certificate and presented to the guest of honor. She may then select her own gift(s) from you and the other guests (outside donations are also welcomed). Guests can also purchase gifts for the guest of honor at the show. By doing this, the invited guests need not go out and purchase a gift that may not be to her liking. Since no other gift is required this saves your guests time, gas, card, wrapping paper, ribbon, and bow. All of which could total $10 or more before the purchase of a gift.